Animals deserve fairness

Most Americans believe that animals should be treated fairly and do not deserve a life of suffering and abuse. That is why our campaign is dedicated to give basic dignity and respect to the animals that share our planet with us. We must ensure basic protections through policy. Our campaign would be proud to produce policy that protects animals, as well as strengthen existing policies.

Increase transparency:

  • Ending Ag Gag laws, that are anti whistleblower laws, that only apply to the animal agriculture industry
  • Nationwide Right to Rescue that allows citizens to take action to remove an animal from an abusive, dangerous, or hostile environment

Legislation to protect animals:

  • Ban shark fin imports
  • End the use of animals for entertainment purposes
  • Introduce legislation that will ban the trapping, production, and sale of any animal fur
  • End horse soreing
  • End cosmetic animal testing
  • Ban the wholesale use of antiboitics, steriods, and hormones on factory farms
  • Ban the use of electrical devices that are directly used to harm animals
  • Increase restrictions on the fishing industry in federally protected waters