Bettering Our Democracy

Our Democracy is Under Attack

We have seen the slow and deliberate attack on our democracy. Our current President has simply accelerated this assault. I pledge to be a shield to defend the very institutions that make this country great.

Remove money from politics

We have seen an influx of corporate money into our political system and it must stop. Super PACs need to go! Private donations need to go! We will fight the bribery that our Supreme Court has permitted in our democracy. No member of the Progressive Wave will take Super PAC or corporations.

I will fight to establish a 28th Constitutional Amendment that unequivocally takes money out of politics in order to restore election integrity.

In addition I also support:

  • Ending the ability for specific congressional committee members from receiving campaign money from industry related to the committees that they are members
  • Members that author bills must disclose the special interest lobbies that were consulted before introduction of a bill

Protect voter rights

With the decision of Shelby County v Holder we are seeing an increase in voter suppression. The decision left it in Congress’s hands to act an implement an up to date the formula used to enforce voter protection in the Civil Rights Act. Sadly, Congress has failed to act. We won’t fail to act and will push to strengthen the Civil Rights Act and protect the American voter.