Immigration Reform

We are a Nation of Immigrants

Our immigration policy has been a disaster in our country for too long.

DACA and DAPA protection

We are prepared to fight for true immigration reform. Not a wall! Not bigotry! Not racism! We want to fix our broken immigration process, protect DACA and DAPA recipients, and end our racist immigration policy. We are a nation of immigrants. It is our countries heritage of being a melting pot that makes us strong, that makes us unique, and has helped us prosper. Let’s legalize DACA and DAPA recipients with immediate United State Citizenship.

Abolish ICE

Part of immigration reform is taking steps toward abolishing ICE by changing its directive. We do not need a state sponsored terrorist organization within our own borders. It is time to end ICE’s mission and pass meaningful immigration reform that stands for our values.

In addition I stand for the adoption of the following policies:

  • One page intake at legal port of entry to expedite the process for immigrants to obtain legal work permits
  • Hire more immigration administrators at the border for faster and more efficient intake
  • Criminalize child separation at the border
  • Lower and/or remove the large fees from the process of becoming a citizen