The Damage Report – Navy Veteran Joins AOC & Progressives

Progressive and navy veteran, Jose Caballero challenges Rep. Susan Davis in California’s 53rd congressional district. John Iadarola and Jose Caballero break it down on The Damage Report.

The Convo Couch – Jose Caballero – Full Interview – CA District 53 Congressional Candidate

Jose Caballero is a staunch supporter of Military and Veteran’s rights…being a veteran himself he has experienced the psychological damage & the damage to our society the military industrial complex has done.

Uphill Media – Bernie Debate Round 2 Night 1 with Tina, Jose, Pat, Laura, and John

Continue with us after Dem Debate Round 2 Night 1 with the #RaucousCaucus! Join Tina Desiree Berg, Pat Cote, Laura Livengood, and John Graziano for a Bernie Debate Watch Party and post circus discussion.

The Young Turks – Progressive Candidate Ready To Reform Democratic Party!

Jose Caballero is tired of the poor leadership from establishment Democrats! Brooke Thomas and Jose Caballero, hosts of The Conversation, break it down.

Real Progressives – Savage Joy With Cali Congressional candidate, Jose Caballero CD 53

The only California Congressional candidate who has endorsed #Bernie2020 . He is challenging incumbent Susan Davis. Jose has been endorsed by the local ‘Our Revolution’. He was a delegate for Bernie in 2016. Jose is MMT literate & is familiar w/ macroeconomics & federal spending capacity.

Uphill Media – Jose Caballero Candidate for California’s 53rd Congressional District

Jose Caballero, Candidate for California’s 53rd Congressional District joins #WeThePeople to discuss his 2020 campaign.


District 34 – Jose Caballero, Progressive Congressional Candidate for District 53, San Diego

Our host, Tina-Desiree Berg, while in San Diego for Comic Con, sat down with Jose to discuss this and other policy issues. Jose supports the Green New Deal, immigration reform, Medicare for All, and ending costly regime change war.

The Ambitious Vet Podcast – Jose Caballero – Full Interview – CA District 53 Congressional Candidate

In this Episode: You as an Ambitious VET will get present to how, just because you worked in the military as one thing, doesn’t mean the thing you were called to do is the same. Jose, having troubles fresh out of the Navy in 2010 finding direction on the next steps found peace through trial/error in education, career paths, and opportunities. It wasn’t until he had his “ah ha” moment while helping someone in the arena of politics that he decided to go all in, putting in the work, hours, and grunt work to now becoming a front runner for US Congress running for District 53 in California.


San Diego City Beat – Jose Caballero challenges incumbent in D-53

Socialist Democrat aims to upset U.S. Rep. Susan Davis in March primary.

The San Diego Union Tribune – Column: Green New Deal popularity among Democrats alters San Diego’s political landscape

Organizations backing the Green New Deal promised to keep up regular protests at the San Diego Democrat’s local office until she backed the sweeping environmental and economic policy, which poll after poll has shown to be extremely popular among Democrats.