The Green

New Deal

The Climate Crisis Is Real

We must stop denying it and start leading the effort to curb it. Cities like Los Angeles are already taking the steps to pass local versions of the Green New Deal, but we need to pass this on the federal level.

My pledge is to sign onto the Green New Deal day one in office.

We support the one trillion-dollar infrastructure revitalization package that will bring redevelopment to a scale not seen since the New Deal. I’ve been an environmental activist from the moment I understood that human society is the cause of the climate crisis. I will never stop fighting to ensure the climate crisis is addressed and that bold action is taken. I have lead marches against Monsanto, been a canvass director for Environment California, and have been vegan for over three years. I will be running on a platform to work with farmers to transform our food system to be more sustainable and diverse.

Ending all subsidies from industries that destroy our environment

  • Ending animal agriculture subsides
  • Ending fossil fuel subsides
  • Ending large scale corporate farming subsides
  • Ending tax incentives to companies that produce single use plastic (outside of medical use), styrofoam, and other substances that creates large pollution issues

Carbon tax

A $73 tax on every ton of CO2 produced by industry would create $300 billion in revenue a year.

Food safety

We believe the FDA deserves funding to guarantee disease-free food safety. Food safety is also ensuring that the food we eat is beneficial to long term health using science-based research. We will fight to ensure that plant-based options are available in all schools and hospitals across the country. We will also advocate for a more streamlined inspection process that limits the amount of administrative tasks that have to be done by the farmers themselves.

Construction alongside public transit hubs

We support mass public transit that spans the entirety of the United States in order to bring down CO2 emissions. This growth in public transit will lead to new construction.

Environmentally responsible construction

We must only build with the environment in mind, and I will fight to make certain we end all new construction of non-renewable energy plants. We should only construct in accordance to the framework set forth in the Green New Deal.